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Clinique Suncare & Tanning

If you are after a facial sunscreen that offers both SPF and anti-ageing skincare benefits then Clinique has the products for you.

The fastest way to age your skin is to be out in the sun without protection from the damaging UV rays. Most of us are unwilling to spend money and time on serums and moisturisers only to add another layer of sunscreen which can clog your pores and leave your face feeling greasy and congested. With the Clinique Sun Protection line you don’t need all that. The sun cream moisturises your skin, contains a wide range of cell-communicating ingredients and antioxidants as well as avobenzone for UVA protection and as a cherry on top it also prevent signs of aging!

Products in the Clinique sun care range comes in handy handbag-sizes and should you want to wear make-up over your sun cream you are best using a pressed-powder foundation which Clinique also offers.

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