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Mascara is one of the most popular makeup products and is used to enhance your eyelashes. There is a wide variety of mascaras on the market designed to suit all different individual's needs and style preferences.

Mascara can be dated back to the Cleopatra's times when it was invented to enhance beauty. Originally it is said to have been produced from crocodile dung, burnt almonds, kohl, honey and water.

Today it is a bit different as it is often made and formulated from liquid and can make your eyelashes look, act and keep in specific ways such as; curly, longer, defined, volumized, waterproof and non-clumping.

Mascaras come in different colours, with black and brown being the most popular. They also come with a very important applicator which in most cases are special types of brushes. They are each designed to help you achieve a particular look, enabling you to make your eyelashes stand out.

Mascaras continually evolve with new and improved features to improve performance and help you perfect your look. Many brands are now moving toward being cruelty-free, using natural organic ingredients, and improving the formulas to make them longer lasting.

There are brands from the high street such as; MaxFactor, IsaDora and Clinique and then the higher-end brands such as; Mac, Elizabeth Arden and Yves Saint Laurent that all make fantastic mascara to cover all price points and budgets.
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