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Lip Balms

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Lip balm is a moisturising and nourishing product that is meant to protect your lips in cold climates most commonly by using a mixture of petrolatum, oils and wax ingredients. As well as preventing your lips from being chapped, lib balms are also often used to protect and sooth the lips when having coldsores and can be chosen as a cosmetic addition to your lips, offering that glossing finish with a natural colour. Lip balms can often be bought as part of a beauty gift set to achieve a specific look.

Today there are many different types of lipbalms, with some adding different effects such as: Vaseline, tinted, flavours, medicinal, UV filter etc. It can also come in a stick, cream, oil or Vaseline formula. Brands such as Lippy Inc., Clarins and Vaseline have well known lip balms at different price tags that people will keep on coming back for.

When choosing your lip balm try to match it to the needs of your lips and the time and conditions in which it's going to be used.
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