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Eyebrow Makeup

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Eyebrows have been very important in the cosmetics industry, ever since the early 1900s when makeup started to become accessible to the masses.

Cinema has played a huge part in the popularity of eyebrow makeup where the leading ladies' silver screen brow styles often set the trends. Eyebrows trends have evolved over the decades, starting from the 1920s when a very thin and lifted shape was preferred.

Eyebrow styles have evolved since those early days. For example in the ’80s a more natural look was popular. Whereas from 00’s a more geometric and defined eyebrow shape has been the preference.

In accordance with the ever-changing trends, we can now find cosmetics shelves packed full of eyebrow makeup ranging from pencils and primers to shadows and wax. All are developed to shape, thicken, fix and colour them to our personal makeup tastes or to replicate our favourite beauty trends.

Many brands offer eyebrow makeup in their cosmetics ranges, the most prolific being Anastasia Beverly Hills. Which offers a huge range of product types, shades and cruelty-free, vegan formulations.
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