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Paco Rabanne Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Paco Rabanne is a Spanish-French fashion designer and perfume mogul. Having had to evacuate Spain during the conflicts in the 1930's his family re-settled in Paris. Originally a trained architect, Rabanne turned to jewellery after finishing university and eventually got hired by brands like Dior and Balenciaga in the mid 1960's to create pieces for them. He found his calling and continued to expand his knowledge of fashion and design. Soon he was exhibiting modernist fashion that was perfect for the swinging sixties and got a lot attention for his use of odd materials. He started his own company in 1966. A good example of the early outlandish Rabanne designs, often using different metals, are the costumes he created for the sci-fi film Barbarella starring Jane Fonda. Around this time he also started working together with fragrance company Puig to create Paco Rabanne scents. The first releases were for women but in 1973 the very first Rabanne fragrance for men was launched. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973) was a barbershop-inspired foguere with aromatic notes of rosemary, rosewood, lavender, honey, amber and oakmoss. The square green bottle has become iconic and relates well to the clean and grassy scent inside.

Paco (1995) is an extremely fresh citrus-based unisex scent in a recyclable aluminium bottle. The most popular Paco Rabanne scent of them all is without a doubt the mighty 1 Million (2008). This gold bullion has become a go-to club scent for many men and with it's famous spicy cinnamon opening, notes of fresh zesty fruit, pepper and intriguing sweet trail it's a seductive favourite that remains a Perfume-Click best-seller. It was in fact inspired by Rabanne's famous metallic clothes designs from the 1960's. The scent has since been released in several limited special editions, including aftershave, cologne as well as a luxury version with real gold entitled 1 Million 18 Carats. Invictus (2013) continues along the same lines with a modern and masculine sweet and youthful fragrance featuring grapefruit, aquatic notes and salt. Mr. Rabanne himself continues to work alongside Puig on his fragrances and also carries on with art and fashion design.
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