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Mugler Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

With over 80 fragrances under his belt it is no wonder that designer Thierry Mugler has become as much of an international superstar in the perfume world as in fashion. Often described as somewhat bizarre and eccentric, he remains an enigmatic figure and is known for being deeply involved in creative processes of his brand. Among the most popular Mugler fragrances for men we find A*Men, the powerful gourmet scent which first took the world by storm in 1996. Another favourite is Mugler Cologne, a clean and classic fragrance for men built on citrus first released in 2001.

In 1978 a young Mugler opened his first Paris boutique at the Place des Victoires, a very central location, and at the same time he also launched his first fashion collection for men. The former ballet dancer released a set of versatile menswear pieces that played with classical masculinity and gave it a distinctive, edgy and modern style that was distinguished by futuristic shapes and fantasy elements. Mugler was very precise in his design, ensuring that all pieces had a clean and structured cut which outlined not only a highly-recognizable silhouette but also a unique style that was blossoming onto the catwalks towards the end of the 20th century.

Mugler often felt unappreciated by major magazine editors and critics who didn't understand his style but had major success in the 1980’s with a succession of adventurous and challenging fashion lines. In the 90’s he re-imagined his style and launched the Mugler perfume and aftershave empire we know today.

The first male fragrance was created after the riotous success of his first women's fragrance, Angel which was a revolutionary new fragrance type known as gourmand. The first fragrance made for men was known as Angel Men or A*Men for short, released in 1996. This fragrance includes notes of caramel, coffee vanilla, patchouli, and honey and is along with its counterpart one of the first scents to be so heavily based on food related ingredients, which is one of Mugler's passions in life. The bottle was designed by Thierry Mugler himself. The scent has been released in an avalanche of new versions and limited editions, including A*Men Gold, A*Men Pure Coffee and A*Men Kryptomint. Other popular men's scents from Mugler include B*Men (2004), a spicy wood scent which is inspired by Mugler’s love of superheroes, and Ice*Men, a cool and refreshing aromatic fragrance.

In 2011 Mugler took his interest in cuisine one step further by releasing a range called 'The Taste of Fragrance' for both men and women that was to unite the world of perfume and gourmet cuisine. There are four fragrances in the range – 3 for women and 1 for men. Each scent has been enriched with a gourmand note or a 'taste enhancer' with the new version of A*Men having been given extra intensity with a dash of red pepper concentrate.

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